Omi Village Hijiri Museum & Aviation Museum


Located on the east bank of Lake Hijiri, the Hijiri Museum contains exhibits on Omi Village and its history along with the old Zenkoji Road and the 33 pilgrimage temples of Shinano. You can see the history and lifestyle of the village.
A separate building houses the aviation museum that displays rare flight exhibits such as the F104 fighter jet.

Contact: Hijiri Museum 0263-67-2210
Hijiri Kogen Tourist Information Center: 0263-67-2133

Opening hours


9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed: Tuesdays (closed in winter)

Admission fees

Ticket type Admission fees
Adult 300 yen
Elementary & Junior-high students 150 yen
Kindergarten groups 50 yen per person
* Discount applies to groups of 20 or more.

Origins of the Aviation Museum


When the current Omi Village Elementary School building was completed in 1970, the former school building was no longer required. However, there was a desire to preserve the long time school building with its precious 1877 architectural style. In 1971, the building was restored by taking it down and transferring it to Hijiri Highlands.

An aviation museum was established in the restored school building with the aim of conveying to future generations the historical education facility, as well as an outlook on the situation of modern society along with the progress and upheaval of society that modern technology such as aircraft represent, while maintaining and restoring part of the area's cultural heritage.

The museum also explains the reasons behind the establishment of the aviation museum, including comments from the village mayor of the time, Mr. Miyashita, who said, "Learning about aviation development and displaying progress until now allows us to learn about the past and know the present situation as well as dream of the future. This helps aviation education."

Guide to Exhibitions


Hijiri Museum exhibits important cultural assets, documentation on the Zenkoji old road and 33 pilgrimage temples of Shinano.
Open-air exhibits include a huge aircraft, the F104 jet fighter, the main gun of the battleship Mutsu and a popular D51 steam locomotive that earned the nickname "Degoichi".
Feel the force of a jet aircraft right before your eyes.

Main Gun of the Battleship Mutsu
F104 Jet Fighter
D51-769 Steam Locomotive
Postal code
Street address
5889-1. Omi, Higashi-Chikuma-gun, Nagano
Telephone number
Business hours
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Every Tuesday
Opening period
Closed in winter