Lake Hijiri


Extend your curiosity antenna and expand your range of activity, the chance to play spreads before you in this green area. Hijiri Lake is a natural lake gaping wide in the highland area. Famous as a mecca for carp fishing, the fishing piers are always busy with anglers. Also the sight of figures leisurely boating on the lake.
Facilities such as tennis courts, a multi-purpose playing field, and a gymnasium are also provided.
Many events across the four seasons, such as the full feeling of a summer evening at the fireworks festival. Why not come and feel the refreshing breeze at Lake Hijiri.

Lake Hijiri in Summer
Lake Hijiri in Winter
Bokusui Wakayama Monument
Yumeji Takehisa Monument

The seasonal landscapes of Lake Hijiri have long attracted a variety of writers and artists and its impression is expressed in tanka and haiku poems.

Postal code
Street address
5889-1 O Hijiri, Omi, Higashi-Chikuma-gun, Nagano
Telephone number
0263-67-2133(Hijiri Kogen Tourist Information Center)