Tourist Information

Located in the center of Nagano Prefecture and filled with nature, Omi Village has a long history and tradition.
As a post town on the old Heian Period road connecting the capital to the eastern provinces, and later, on the Edo Period road connecting the capital to Zenkoji Temple, the village has fostered an elegant culture.
The history and numerous historical sites known as "mandala village" speak to the minds of the people to this day.

Abundant Nature Leisure Village

Omi Village is full of opportunities to play!
Located between the Chikuma and Sai Rivers, the Hijiri Highlands spread out at the foot of Mt. Hijiri. Surrounded by larch and birch trees, it takes the color of fireweed in summer.
In the center of the highlands, the yawning expanse of Lake Hijiri. The carp-fishing tournament is famous beyond the prefecture and the fishing pier is filled with anglers on a daily basis. The lake is also popular with people who enjoy leisurely boating on its waters.
Various other facilities such as campsites and the Sky Rider are dotted around the lake. Tennis courts, a multi-purpose playing field, and a gymnasium have also been developed.
For those who want to get closer to nature, riding the summer mountain lift to the summit of Mt. Mitsumine allows you to take in the 360-degree panorama of the wilderness spread out below. In winter, you can ride through the magnificent nature while enjoying winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding.